Sometimes we feel so lost, so worthless, don’t we?

Well, this happens to me a lot.

I’ve been finding different ways to be more focused and productive but no matter how hard I try, my soul never gets satisfied. I like to observe people and with my plenty of observations, one thing I can definitely say that
People who complain a lot always have something to complain about and that’s the kind of person I was becoming.

They say talk to someone when you feel lost or don’t feel good or when things go wrong and a lot of other things that they say.


I tried communicating with people, my friends, family but I had a blind spot on why things were happening the way they were happening.

Just to know, I am maintaining diaries since I was in grade-8 in certain ways and I feel so real and alive whenever I write something in them.

I still remember those days of my college when I got a beautiful journal as a gift which later became a gratitude journal for me, very first actually.

It was something new but seemed weird initially to write about those things in particular for which I am grateful in my life because Come on! whether I write or not still I was and positive with the thought that I will be for the rest of my life. But knowing this still wanted to give it a try. By considering it as a therapy I started writing daily.

So when I started writing, honestly! I felt bored for some days but I had never quit and maintained it for an exact one month. No doubt, I felt good but being a little sluggish creature I skipped for a month or two maybe.

Yeah! I had a habit of writing journals but a gratitude journal was something else: new and different.

So after skipping for a few months I began to feel the same old way wherein actual I was missing my journal because I started liking it in some way and liking myself more.

I am not good at drawing things.

It was a feeling of joy that made me feel so free so unconstrained just by putting down my words in it.

I started again and this time I realized that keeping this journal helping me in assorted ways. Truly!

It’s a habit now and it helps me to stay focus on what I have, not what I don’t have because, in reality, there will always be something that I won’t have.
No matter how much accomplished I am but the truth is that there’s always be someone who is accomplished more.

There will always be something that I want but by focusing my thoughts on what I have and not what I don’t have, I tend to train my mind to think more positively and to never filled up with negative thoughts.

A few front pages from the journal.

And that’s what I am trying to do now, wholeheartedly and journaling helps me in this process.

This was my first gratitude journal and Yes! It’s me on the cover.

Happy with the fact that at least I am consistent in something.

PS: Be happy about what you have and you’ll end up with more things to be happy about.

Not an intelligent mind that speaks but a heart full of patience that listens🌸