Success: several tracks

Success has many definitions. It is different for every individual. Everyone has a different story to tell for what is Success to them.

If you find yourself too comfortable in performing things and not being challenged then something is wrong. Getting out of your comfort bubble and doing practical things is what makes us strong, aware, and helps in our growth which is a necessity, not an option. And in some way, all lead to success.

There are many questions that often come to our minds when we think of this word🤔.
For example:-
📌 Being superior to others means success?
📌 Having wealth means success?
📌 Being just happy is Success?
📌 Does fame mean success?
Or simply
📌 How does one succeed?

💡So in order to know more about it, I texted some of my friends and asked them to define the term in their own words. They all wrote me back on asking about this random question, for which I’m really happy and thankful. And I would love to share their words with you all.

Here they are

🗝️ I love my profession, In my initial days I was serving in the hotel and now the same thing I’m doing but in the air with a good salary and good life. This is a success for me.
: SJagotra

🗝️ Success is an inner peace of mind when I think that I have achieved everything in my life but this can’t happen ever because I always gonna want more and more so it’s unlimited exposure to opportunities and even after failure not giving up is the actual success for me.
: KNarang

🗝️ Success for me is something that gives me double the pleasure of sex.
: GSidhu

🗝️ When you see a smile on your parent's face and the reason behind that smile is you only and when you are able to give happiness to others.
: AGarg

🗝️ Happiness is a success. Whatever you are doing if it fetches you happiness and satisfaction that means you are on the success path✌.
: SKanwar

🗝️ Success is my healthy family and one small house where my family can live happily. The day when I will recognize myself with my inner talent would be a success for me.
:- D

🗝️ Success is the thing in which your happiness is included. Whatever your goal is, it should lead to your happiness and it is completed by small targets that you set in your daily life to reach success. Success is anything that makes me happy. Successful life is where you lead by example. You are the role model for others.
: A

🗝️ Success is to have Health, Wealth, Love, and Happiness. Kinda balance between these pillars🚶.
: GKataria

🗝️ I think success is when you do or handle all the things very easily, which are used to be very difficult for you in your earlier time.
: PSarangal


Guys, I am super amazed to have such unique answers from you all.

Thank you again👐

For me Honestly! I don’t know what is Success.
I always hate having goals and visions (though these are important at some point or other) because to me it means I have only one option. But the truth is, your goal is purely for today, for now.

Time changes, and your goals too.

But yes!

It comes when you
✓ believe in yourself,
✓ love what you are doing and
✓ having confidence in what you are doing
✓ It is getting smart results after completion of a task

✓ Talking about the emotional aspect, it is something when our parents are known by our names for doing something great🦸.

So for me basically,
Success is the fruit of my hard work. Hard work in anything. Anything!
Whether in building or maintaining relationships with others, studies, or whatever work I am doing.

Such a profound word it is, no?

Thanks for reading 🤗

PS: In the process of achieving success, keep your feet on the ground. It helps a lot.


Also, I would love to know from all the readers that What does Success really means to you?