Today’s Success Story ft. Amandeep

As we know that society of India is male dominating but now Indian women are rising and creating an example.
One such example is Amandeep, one who inspires and empowers you to create marketing that your customers will love and leads to generating real results for your business.

While in an interview with _ _ _ she shared her journey from working in an Ed-tech company as a teacher to become the most dynamic personality of India in the social media market.

Though she was earning well, the thirst to learn more and explore different areas was there in her from her school days.

She pursued teaching for 3years but always had a side interest in Digital Marketing which she then started taking seriously. After getting mentored by Deepak Kanakraju aka Digital Deepak, she started her freelancing career in the same.
Freelancing was a game-changer for her as she discovered her niche which was to create effective SEO strategies for affiliate marketing.

No one in her family was in a business before which made her skeptical to take the step and launching her business.
She explained how her husband whom she calls her best friend, encouraged her to break the family line (who were mostly government employees) by getting into the business world. Now, she is a part of a digital marketing agency with her friend in partnership.

She believes that by moving “step-by-step” and making “action-by-action” you generate an exciting momentum that helps you to move closer to building a life that you want and a business that you love.

She is also a social activist involved in human rights and environmental causes. She yearly donates an undisclosed amount to different schools in remote areas of India to provide quality education to the local children and also likes to spend time with them interacting with the local parents and the school teachers.

Recently in January, she graced The Economic Times list as one of 50 “most influential” Indian all-rounder women you should be following.

She loves to read and know about different cultures existing all over the world for which she travels to a new country every year.

Picture courtesy: Aman’s Facebook page

When she isn’t working she enjoys spending time with her family which also includes a 6 pm chai break on the terrace with her husband and other family members. She has retained a large part of her normal routine with a special mention of Zumba as she is an avid fan of it.

When asked for a piece of advice that she wants to give, she said that “One should focus on working hard instead of expecting the results so soon without making efforts. It’s 2030! You got to work not just hard but smart to achieve your goal”.

This was Amandeep, who believes in making her own destiny through no shortcuts, which we can clearly see from her journey so far.

PS: It was basically an assignment given by my mentor in which I was supposed to write my 2.0 version as if I have already become the ideal version of myself as to how a journalist would write about me in the year.

Not an intelligent mind that speaks but a heart full of patience that listens🌸