Sometimes we feel so lost, so worthless, don’t we?

Well, this happens to me a lot.

I’ve been finding different ways to be more focused and productive but no matter how hard I try, my soul never gets satisfied. I like to observe people and with my plenty of observations, one thing I can definitely say that
People who complain a lot always have something to complain about and that’s the kind of person I was becoming.

They say talk to someone when you feel lost or don’t feel good or when things go wrong and a lot of other…

As the title suggests, in this article, you will gain a foundational overview of digital marketing and some of its aspects that can help you to grow as an individual and your business as a marketer.


So, What exactly is this “Digital Marketing”?

As my mentor, Digital Deepak always says that ‘’Marketing is not about creativity. It’s a science’’.

It’s about finding the right people to convey your message to and delivering your precious content through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, and emails. Digital marketing is a method by which companies endorse goods, services, and brands by using these online media channels.

Success has many definitions. It is different for every individual. Everyone has a different story to tell for what is Success to them.

If you find yourself too comfortable in performing things and not being challenged then something is wrong. Getting out of your comfort bubble and doing practical things is what makes us strong, aware, and helps in our growth which is a necessity, not an option. And in some way, all lead to success.

There are many questions that often come to our minds when we think of this word🤔.
For example:-
📌 Being superior to others means success?
📌 Having…

Time is passing. I am doing my work, trying to live normally.
Doing my job, studying, giving my exams, hanging out with my friends.

But in the middle of it all, there are lots of tears, lots of cries, prays, and I am trying desperately to make my heart heal.

I’ve never thought something like this would ever happen.
I came to terms with death, that it has to happen one day but not able to accept the terms of loss.

We talk endlessly about broken hearts but then, What about that mind? What happens to it? Does it heal…

Last night standing alone, I remembered how we used to gaze at the shimmering stars, lying under the beautiful sky and cheering the beauty of the moon 🌙

Every time I looked upon you to wonder what your thoughts could be.

You remained silent and still.


Well! mine were violent and ill…

As we know that society of India is male dominating but now Indian women are rising and creating an example.
One such example is Amandeep, one who inspires and empowers you to create marketing that your customers will love and leads to generating real results for your business.

While in an interview with _ _ _ she shared her journey from working in an Ed-tech company as a teacher to become the most dynamic personality of India in the social media market.

Though she was earning well, the thirst to learn more and explore different areas was there in her…

Aman Barpagga

Not an intelligent mind that speaks but a heart full of patience that listens🌸

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